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A Smart Partntership

Reconditioning Fleet Vehicles: A Smart Business Move

Amazon's Global Delivery Network

Prioritizing Control and Quality in Last-Mile Delivery

Amazon’s extensive network of over 3,000 Delivery Service Partners (DSPs) worldwide highlights the company’s dedication to maintaining direct control over its delivery processes. By emphasizing a hands-on approach to last-mile delivery, Amazon ensures quality and timeliness in its delivery operations. Needless to say the appearance of their service fleet is of the upmost importance.

Amazon's DSP Network

Ensuring Precision and Excellence Across Delivery Operations

Having such a broad network of DSPs allows Amazon to closely monitor and manage its delivery operations, from package pickup to final delivery. This level of control enables the company to uphold its high standards for customer service and delivery efficiency. Thus, the reason it’s imperative to keep your fleet in pristine condition and out of the body shop and on the road.

Maximize Fleet Appearance, Minimize Costs

Your Top Choice for Fleet Reconditioning with Tailored Services

With this in mind, we all understand then implications and costs associated with maintaining the appearance of each vehicle in your fleet. Fleet Reconditioning Services is your #1 go to company for small repairs that you normally send off to body shops. We have a menu of services tailor fit specifically for your business.

Saving you money and keeping your fleet on the road!